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Employees expertise

We believe our employees to be our greatest asset. We have placed the high-quality qualifications of our employees at the heart of our human resources service. Knowledge of goods, sustainable management of modern means of transportation, information literacy and other professional skills are part of the on-going training of colleagues.

Highly qualified and motivated staff are the driving force behind company development, and that is why we approach the development and rewarding of our employees in a comprehensive manner.

  • Regular training of employees
    • handling of goods, professional driving;
    • use of modern technical means;
    • handling of documentation;
    • regular training of repair staff for the authorised provision of services;
    • continuous training of colleagues in administration services in selected fields of work.
  • Internal professional driving instructors
  • A stimulating and positively oriented working environment
  • Incentive-based awarding system for all employees
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